Phylogene SA was launched in 1999 with the objective of developing methods of identification and ways to authentificate,  using DNA and proteins.

-The Phylogene project has been developed in partnership with specialized laboratories in Paleontology and Molecular Phylogeny, which compare DNA from ancient and current species, to discover the origin of the species .
This process starts from a DNA extraction of a biological fragment, then DNA fragments are amplified and analyzed,  than we have access to the genetic code. These are sometimes damaged by time. This allows to determine the animal or vegetal species contained in the biological fragment.
-The Phylogene project is also based on an important know how in immunotechniques. The founders have a solid background in diagnostics, and have perfected kits in low detection limit problems.
This know-how has been adapted to solve difficult problems in the food industry. Phylogene develops a unique approach of the food allergen testing.
-Through an active survey and technological developments, Phylogene developed other know-how like Mass Spectrometry a performing technique also for proteins

The application of this experience in the food industry allows the determination of components in food, that is, species, variety or individuals. Phylogene SA has been established to develop and sell these services to the food industry, and now in health, cosmetics, diagnostics, environment, biotechnology industries and public laboratories.