The laboratory

Phylogene is equipped with a specialized plant. It is composed of different parts.


-Dedicated rooms, equipped with blenders where samples are prepared.

-Specialized rooms, where the DNA and proteins extraction and purification and preparation of DNA amplification is done. These rooms are particularly important for the purity of analysis. The corresponding operations take place in separated rooms where a positive air pressure is monitored. These precautions are important to avoid any air return from the place where the amplification is done and where the air may contain amplified DNA.

-Laboratories where DNA is amplified and analysed are equipped with the necessary machine like thermocyclers (DNA amplification), fluorothermocycler (continuous DNA amplification for quantification), electrophoresis station, image analyzer.

-A laboratory dedicated to ELISA techniques equipped with washers, spectrophotometer and laminar hood.

-A laboratory dedicated to LC-MS/MS where the extracted samples are treated